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Smart parking

Space-saving, smart and flexible parking

We have developed our own parking system based on extensive experience with automatic smart parking. Our parking system is constructed to withstand the harsh Norwegian winter, road salt and stormy weather. We can maximize the number of parking spots, free up space, and create good, efficient urban areas.

Making Place

Our innovative, flat platforms have been developed to provide better user experiences. The base platform design is adapted to the building's configuration. That means more space, less weight and easier getting in and out.

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Semi-automatic parking is a flexible solution that makes optimal use of the available volume. It generates more parking spots and more sellable area.

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Fully automatic

This is part of the solution for the cities and dense-populated areas of the future. Fully automatic parking is used in large projects and provides enormous space-savings.

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Bike parking

When parking in urban areas, the bike has a natural place. We link parking, public transport and bikes together.

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