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Public parking

Smart parking – a better solution for an urban and green city environment.

Offentlig parkering

Public parking often seizes large areas that could otherwise have been used for purposes that would have benefited the population, or that could have been used for development in core areas where the pressure is already great.

In the case of public parking garages above ground, we will be able to move the same number (or more) of parking spaces below ground. This will free up areas that the owner can use for buildings or green areas.

If the task involves replacing traditional parking garages below ground level, we will be able to offer the same number of parking spots, but with less use of volume. Alternatively, we can offer more parking spots in the same volume.

Therefore, the parking spots that are at ground level can be used to add value, either for the owner or the local community, while the volume that could have been used for a traditional underground car park will be better utilized (which means less digging).