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Office building

Smart parking provides more parking spaces in office or commercial buildings.


In office and commercial buildings, you are faced with the same issues as in apartment buildings; the car parks are given lower priority in favor of other areas, or are used too poorly.

In any case, parking is rarely a priority when a new office/commercial building is planned in the city center or in densely populated areas. Therefore, it is important to utilize the area that is available.

Our products make it possible to increase the degree of coverage for parking, without this coming at the expense of other types of area, such as green areas, outdoor spaces, park-related areas or salable area. We simply get space for more cars in the volume that will be set aside for parking.

A modern office/commercial building is often planned so that the users of the building will reach it via public transport solutions. This is how it has to be, and a new image in working life with a hybrid office, where you don't need everyone to be in the office at the same time, reinforces the trend.

Nevertheless, smart parking means that you give the users of the building greater options, also in terms of travel method, in that more parking spots can be planned without compromising other space. You get a more flexible building.