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Bike parking

A modern parking solution also includes solutions for bikes.


A good parking solution is a good «hub» that connects and creates interaction between different ways of transport. In this, the bike has a natural place.

Our solutions for bike parking can be integrated with other infrastructure for parking and function as a traffic hub. As with our parking solutions for cars, our bike parking can act as a space-saving solution. By parking the bikes at different levels of height, space is freed up which can be used for other socially beneficial purposes.

Benefits for builders

We bike more

More money is spent on bikes, and the use of bikes in the cityscape is increasing.

Combined with other types of transport, such as scooters and electric scooters, this means that more devices are inside public spaces, and must be parked in a sensible way.

The introduction of electric bikes also means that the radius of biking to work is larger; you can simply cover greater distances. This also means that charging solutions must be provided.

A secure bike storage

We offer a 100% theft-proof storage space for bikes. Theft has previously been a major source of irritation for users, but our solutions eliminate this for both apartment buildings, commercial buildings and public bike parking, by parking the bikes away from street level.

The street can thus be used for other purposes.