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The Storm, Bodø

Combined hotel/apartment building with semi-automatic parking for maximum use of space.

Key information


  • The Storm, Bodø
  • Combined hotel/apartment building
  • Developer: Corponor AS
  • Contractor: Consto Nord


  • Semi-automatic parking
  • 39 parking spaces
  • 3 floors, bottom level entrance

Modern solution for modern buildings

When The Storm in Bodø wanted to create a signal building in the center of Bodø, they relied on many of the same issues encountered in modern urban planning. The need for parking, salable area and other functionality compete to be allocated enough space.

The Storm chose to integrate semi-automatic parking, so that there was room for a total of 39 parking spaces in a relatively limited volume.

In this way, the developer gained space for several of the building's core functions, and was able to increase the project's total value as more of the area could be used for the sale of apartments and hotel rooms.

Bottom level entrance

At The Storm, an entrance at the bottom has been chosen, where the vehicles are lifted up and placed in a dedicated space over three floors. The parking facility itself is locked off with a grid and the vehicle is safely stored.

For the user, access and collection are easily controlled via intuitive touch screens.

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