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Kronstad Station, Bergen

With semi-automatic parking, Kronstad Station makes optimal use of the space. Delivery and collection are quick, and the car is safely stored.

Key information


  • Kronstad Station, Bergen
  • Builder: Axer Eiendom
  • Contractor: Skanska


  • Semi-automatic parking
  • 25 parking spaces
  • 3 floors, top level entrance

Good utilization of the volume

On Kronstad Station, the parking was already planned in the design, so that the volume could be utilized in a good way.

Our solutions for semi-automatic parking are an optimal method of getting space for as many cars as possible, and enable the cars to be placed vertically and lengthwise for maximum use of space.

Top level entry

At the Kronstad Station in Bergen, the car park is configured so that cars meet a gate on arrival. This is the top level of the car park. In addition, there are two more levels below ground level.

For the user, it all feels simple. The car is driven into a designated space by selection via touchscreen and authentication with an RFID chip. The car is then placed in and moved to where it is to be stored.

Locked and safe

The advantage of semi-automatic parking is that the car is safely locked and secured against both damage and theft. After parking, a gate is closed, and the car can only be accessed by collection.

It rarely takes more time to collect the car than at traditional car parks/basements, as you don't have to walk and drive over several floors.

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