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Elveparken, Jessheim

Get the most out of areas for underground parking with smart parking in the form of sliders.

Key information


  • Elveparken 1 og 2
  • 124 apartments
  • Developer: Conceptor Bolig


  • Slider system
  • 42 places
  • 1 plan

Parking in traditional parking basements with columns and narrow spaces can present challenges when planning the parking area.

Elveparken has solved parking using our system for parking basements consisting of sliders. These are platforms that the car stands on, which are laterally shifted and place the cars closer together into the parking basement.

Make use of existing rooms

In Elveparken, the slider system allows you to park optimally in relation to pillars, and by using the area normally set aside for carriageways. This gives a total of 17 extra spaces compared to traditional parking. When parking inside the room, other parking spaces are pushed to the side, and you can drive and park as normal, then the cars are pushed together again.

The Slider system is an absolutely optimal solution for existing or new single-level parking areas where there is a need for more parking spaces, but where it cannot be expanded in volume.

Little changes for the user. You have your own fixed parking space, and you have the option of charging if you have an electric car. But the total area has been utilized better, and the project as a whole has been given space for other necessary functions and facilities.

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