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Smart Parking

Bike parking

When parking in urban areas, the bike has a natural place. We link parking, public transport and bikes together.

P plan sykkelparkering

Our solutions for parking bikes means that you can efficiently park several bikes in a limited volume, either above or below ground. It functions the sames as parking a car, with a terminal for delivery and pick-up, and the bicycle enters and exits the parking solution itself.

A good user experience

It will be easy for the user. The bike is delivered via a simple operation - and can be collected just as easily as the bike was delivered.

The whole thing takes no more than thirty seconds and the user thus saves time looking for an available and safe space at street level, as the system tells you if there is available space.

Secure system

In contrast to street parking, where the bike is exposed and venerable for theft, as well as weather and wind, a bike parking solution is safe. The user can also attach a bag, bike helmet or other objects to the bike without affecting the parking itself.

Multiple configurations and sizes

Our solutions for bike parking come in various configurations and sizes, either above or below ground, and adapted to the volume set aside for the purpose. We adapt the bike parking to your needs.

Bike parking is an excellent solution in combination with traffic hubs and public car parks.