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Smart Parking


Semi-automatic parking is a flexible solution that makes optimal use of the available volume. It generates more parking spots and more sellable area.



With semi-automatic parking systems, the user places the car in a fixed or dedicated space in the facility using a remote control, tag or key.

Before the next user gains access to the facility, the parking facility makes the internal movements required for the next parking.

When the car is to be picked up, the user must activate the facility with a remote control, tag or key to bring the car to the spot so that the user can drive out of the facility.


  • Makes optimal use of the space
  • Affordable solutions compared to traditional car parks with several floors, roadways, etc.
  • Easy to increase the existing number of spots
  • More than 20 different systems / configurations
  • Can be easily tailored to individual needs / project
  • Environmentally friendly, reduces driving in car parks

Semi-automatic parking solutions can effectively increase the number of parking spots underground, and our flexible system gives you great freedom of choice in how it can be configured. We create efficient parking, even in smaller parking garages, above ground or a combination of solutions.

Benefits for building owners / construction developers

More cars in smaller spaces

Semi-automatic parking is flexible by nature. Roughly speaking, it involves placing cars on floors after the user has placed the car onto the ramp. After the user has identified the car in the parking system, left the car and selected an available parking space, it will automatically be «stacked», i.e. placed in height or depth, neatly and securely next to other cars with only the clearance needed.

This is both efficient and space-saving.

Flexible – also above ground

The system has many possible configurations. This allows us to build out the parking solution on a modular basis according to height, width and depth. Regardless of the design of the room, we find the configuration that makes the best use of the space.

The system can also be used above ground, or in combination of basement and above ground, in that entry on a ramp can take place at ground level, then the car will be positioned for optimal use of space.

Top-level, mid-level or bottom-level entry

The construction itself that is chosen depends on whether the parking volume has a pit or not, and what the design of the entrance is like. Is the room designed so that there is entry at the bottom, and the car has to be lifted up? Do you come from the middle, or from the top where the car is lowered? Regardless of how the parking facilities are designed, semi-automatic parking will be able to provide space for more cars.

Parking garages and «sliders»

We can even make the traditional parking garage with one level more efficient. We do this by parking the car on a ramp, a so-called «slider», and after the car has been left, the system will take over and park the cars closer than usual.

In this way you can easily get more parking spots on the same area, which is highly welcomed in many parking garages.

Benefits for users