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Smart Parking

Making Place

Our innovative, flat platforms have been developed to provide better user experiences. The base platform design is adapted to the building's configuration. That means more space, less weight and easier getting in and out.

Om oss

Next-generation parking system

Our platforms are built for next-generation parking systems. The platforms are built without high side rails, which contributes to increased safety and better functionality.

Increases space utilization

We have solved this by moving the bearing in the platform from the side rails to the platform deck itself. Flat platforms increase the utilization of space by being able to use the entire width of the platform, and are not limited to the internal measurements between traditional side rails.

Better user experience

Users of the system will find that they have better space to navigate the system, both with and without a car. There is better space for driving in and out by car, but also easier to move when going to and from the car. The user will be able to easily see where the car should be parked using mechanical driving guides at the end of the platform.