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Smart Parking

Fully automatic

This is part of the solution for the cities and dense-populated areas of the future. Fully automatic parking is used in large projects and provides enormous space-savings.

Fullautomatisk parkering

Fully automatic parking is an ideal and space-saving solution for mass parking, public parking or parking at large apartment or commercial buildings. Delivery is flexible and the car is safely transported into storage racks. Depending somewhat on the calculations / number of spots, fully automatic parking can provide good economics in the construction project.

Simple and smooth parking

Automated ramps transport the car out of sight and into floor-based storage racks. For the user, everything becomes comfortable and user-friendly; you only have to worry about the drop-off and pick-up point, and you don't have to go in and out of the car park.

Benefits for the developer

Well suited for mass parking and public parking

Larger public parking facilities have traditionally been solved by establishing parking basements or above-ground parking garages with multi-floor entrances and parking.

With a fully automated parking solution, this area can be made more efficient by planning parking per volume instead of per square feet. This is solved with automated lifts that make maximum use of the volume by placing the cars on floors.

For the user, there is no entry and exit, only a drop-off and pick-up point, like a «terminal» at street level. The system itself is hidden below or above ground.

A scalable and economical solution

Fully automatic parking can be used on both large and small projects. The common denominator is that the space (volume) is utilized to the maximum. Fully automatic parking can therefore also be used for apartment and commercial buildings, as well as larger public car parks.

Fully automatic parking systems are considered relatively expensive to install and operate, but the calculation quickly becomes much neater if you think in terms of volume instead of square feet. The price per cubic feet is a better goal for the economics of the project, as the volume savings can be used for other purposes, or simply by making place for more cars.

Therefore, it can be useful to think about parking early in the construction project, so that there is space for as many cars as possible. We are available to advise you through all or part of the project.

A good user experience

Even the users will experience that the system works well. One might think that it is unusual, because here there is no entry and exit, only a drop-off and pick-up point.

Experience shows, however, that this is appreciated. The experience is that it works smoothly, that the car is parked safely and that there is little waiting time. In Copenhagen, a large fully automatic system is in operation, and is receiving positive feedback from users.

For the city, the solution means that you are left with car-free streets. Areas that have previously been used for parking can now be used for public purposes.

Benefits for users

Benefits for users


  • Drive towards the gate of the terminal and it will open.
  • Drive into the terminal, and the instructions will tell you to stop for the correct location.
  • Instructions are given. The gate behind the car is now closed, the driver exits through a lock.
  • The driver identifies with a tag, credit card or ticket.
  • The lock opens, the car is delivered.
  • The car is picked up using a tag, card or ticket and a notification is given that the car is on its way.
  • When the car arrives at the terminal, the door to the terminal and exit gate is opened.
  • The car is in the exit direction, and can now be driven out.


  • Makes optimal use of the space
  • An automatic parking system can mean up to 100% space savings, often more
  • Establishment and operating costs per parking spot is similar to ordinary solutions
  • Requires minimal space in the terrain
  • Suitable for public parking
  • Environmentally friendly, no emissions
  • Increased security for cars in terms of damage and break-ins
  • No need to drive around and look for an available parking spot