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Privacy policy

This privacy policy is intended to provide information on how and why P-plan AS collects and processes personal data.

P-plan AS, through the CEO, is responsible for the processing of information collected and processed by P-plan AS. The responsibility may be delegated to another position in everyday life. The privacy policy that follows provides the information that the privacy regulations require us to provide in connection with our processing of your personal data.

P-Plan AS's possible processing of personal data is in accordance with the privacy regulations in force at all times.

1. Legal basis for processing personal data

Processing of personal data is not permitted unless there is a valid basis for processing. Such a basis for processing can, for example, be consent from the data subject, contract (conclusion of an agreement), law or we as the data controller have a "legitimate interest" that exceeds the data subject's privacy requirements.

Our basis for processing is mainly contract (employment contract) and "legitimate interest". In some cases also consent. At the start of processing of your personal data, we will always provide information on the basis of processing.

2. Our use of personal data

We collect and process personal data so that we can fulfill our agreement with our employees (management of employment relationships) and customers (management of customer relationships), including, for example, providing good service, informing about our products and services (marketing activities).

Information we register is name, date of birth, telephone number, email address, postal address and any additional information via form. We collect the information from the registered person himself.

3. Disclosure of personal data - use by third parties

Registered personal data is treated confidentially with us and only those with an official need will have access to our personal registers.

However, it may be that in some contexts we share personal data with our partners, such as advertising agencies, hired consultants and suppliers. Sharing personal data with third parties will be a processing of personal data that requires a legal processing basis. Such a basis for processing will basically be consent from the data subject, so that you, as a data subject, will always be aware of our disclosure. Note that in some contexts we will be obliged by law to hand over your personal data.

4. Cookies

We use cookies on our website. A cookie is a small text file and our website will always ask your browser to save the capsule on your machine. We do this so that we can remember your actions, preferences and how often you have visited our website. This in turn makes it possible for us to give you as a user better access to various functions. Furthermore, we also use cookies on our pages so that we can keep statistics on what is ordered and how much our website is generally used.

There are two types of cookies: One type stores a file on your computer for a longer period of time. The second type of cookie is a temporary cookie (session cookie). Such cookies are only used while you are browsing the website. We use both capsules.

You can delete our cookie by following instructions here at Nettvett.no: https://nettvett.no/slik-admin...

5. Storage of the personal data and deletion

The personal information we register is stored on a server at Digital Ocean. Geographically, your personal data is located in Amsterdam, which today is considered to be a safe and satisfactory storage of your data. The reason for this is that all EU states are obliged to meet the requirements of the GDPR and thus ensure the data subject a minimum of privacy protection

P-plan AS deletes your personal data without undue delay when they are no longer necessary for the purpose for which they were collected, if you withdraw the consent that is the basis for the processing of the data or you object to the processing and there are no more compelling reasons legitimate reasons for the processing. We have concrete deletion routines per processing activity.

If you withdraw your consent to the processing of personal data, our processing of your personal data will cease, but will not affect the legality of a processing based on consent before the consent is withdrawn.

6. Your rights

You have the right to ask us for access, correction, deletion (unless we are obliged to keep the information), restriction of processing, and disclosure of your personal information (data portability). In addition, you can request us to end the processing of the personal data (for example withdraw your consent). If you ask us to make use of one or more of these rights, we will comply with the request, unless we are obliged to do otherwise, within one month of it being made. The requests can be addressed to the CEO of P-plan AS.

If you believe that we have breached the privacy regulations, you have the opportunity to complain to the Norwegian Data Protection Authority.

Feel free to contact the CEO of P-plan if you have comments, or would like more information, about our processing of your personal data.