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Service Manager
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Below are some frequently asked questions

How long does it take to collect the car?

How long it takes to retrieve the car varies depending on where in the system the car is, but it is all done in a few minutes. A fully automated system means that you can simply deliver or have the car delivered at a central point, instead of spending time going into a car park yourself. It therefore takes no longer than traditional parking.

What types of areas can be used for parking?

There are basically few restrictions on which areas can be used for smart parking, and the earlier in the process we enter, the more space will be saved. Most often it involves hidden parking, i.e. the car is moved underground or into a garage, but we can also construct systems that stand on the ground and where the cars are «stacked» in height.

Does smart parking work in all weather conditions?

Our system is designed specifically for Norwegian conditions. All components and parts can withstand a cold, harsh winter and road salt. Therefore, it is an advantage that the system has been developed in Norway. If it works here, it works all over the world.

How do I know that the system works over time?

Our parking systems have had a long operating time and are in operation at over 40 locations. We have service agreements for over 2 500 parking spaces. Our employees have extensive experience with parking systems.

How reliable is the system?

As the system is built for Norwegian conditions, we have a very high uptime. In the event of a breakdown, we are able to identify and solve the problem via remote diagnostics or by moving out to the location. We have dedicated operating technicians and a support telephone.

What materials do you use?

We only use stainless steel and aluminum that can withstand road salt, asphalt dust and runoff.

Will the car be affected by the system?

There is absolutely no possibility of the car being damaged by machinery, either when it is inside the system, during delivery or when it is picked up. Sensors and control systems ensure that the car has clearance and is positioned safely. A drainage system means that the car does not get water/mud from other cars either.