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Mapping of parking spots in the city

We contribute to the utilization of city space, so that streets can be used for other purposes.

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How parking should be solved is part of the social discourse, also when it comes to cities and urban areas.

There is a clear tendency to remove the car from the streets. But where? Even in the future, we will use cars. In collaboration with public agencies or the department for planning and building in the municipalities, we advice on how parking can be solved, and not least, how areas can be freed up and used for other socially beneficial purposes.

By using us as an adviser, we find the most optimal solution for city parking, and we have several examples where cars and society coexist, without coming at the expense of each other.

The answer is usually parking at different height levels, in fully automated facilities where the facility is hidden underground, so that the street level can be used for traffic, pavements, bike paths, park areas or other facilities.