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Smart parking for urban development

The solution for urban needs and attractive urban areas lies in making parking more efficient. We can fit more cars in less square feet.

Our environment is changing; by 2050, 70% of us will live in urban areas. With smart parking and mobility solutions, we make place for urban living.


Our customers

You're in good company. The most ambitious construction developers in the country choose our efficient parking solution.

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Parking needs

We'll advice you on design and cover all imaginable parking needs, so that the freed up space can be used for other purposes.

Our parking system is designed for the harsh Norwegian winter, road salt and stormy weather. Delivery and pickup are efficient, so that people can get to where they are going.



P-plan are good advisers. The earlier we enter the planning or project phase, the greater the opportunity for maximizing parking. We give your project added value by maximizing the number of parking spots and free up space for other purposes.

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Scalable to any need – our products cover everything from simple private parking to complex multifunctional solutions for traffic hubs and urban areas.

Fully automatic

This is part of the solution for the cities and dense-populated areas of the future. Fully automatic parking is used in large projects and provides enormous space-savings.

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Semi-automatic parking is a flexible solution that makes optimal use of the available volume. It generates more parking spots and more sellable area.

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Bike parking

When parking in urban areas, the bike has a natural place. We link parking, public transport and bikes together.

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Our philosophy? Let's give the city back to the people. By clearing the cars with efficient parking systems, we make place for city life, play and a greener environment.

We are proud of these projects

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